Dr Crawley trained in medicine at St George’s Hospital, London, one of the largest and most diverse teaching hospitals in the UK. He qualified in 1997. After completing several posts in various medical fields, he specialised for four years in Obstetrics and Gynaecology; this culminated in a two year Obstetrics and Gynaecology post at St George’s Hospital – a specialist referral centre for foetal medicine.

After completing several registrar posts, he changed career path to General Practitioner.

Dr Crawley has become increasingly concerned that government policy and target setting has taken away the emphasis of quality patient care. The NHS is being run like a business with targets and economical budgets. In so doing, measures such as cost cutting to fit budget demands and withdrawal of many necessary services have occurred.

The lack of time, budget and patient concern has caused great frustration and he feels many doctors are becoming dissatisfied with the lack of patient orientated treatment and therapies.

Wouldn’t you like to return to the older style GP service, where traditional values are paramount, where people are afforded time with the doctor of their choosing; someone who can get to know them and their family circumstances and problems and who can provide solutions to their troubles and concerns?